(Enter through the double doors on the north side of the building.)

What does a typical Sunday Gathering look like?

  • We get started at 4:00 and usually finish up around 5:30 or so.
  • We sing Gospel-rich, Word-centered songs. 
  • We read and teach the Bible (typically working verse-by-verse through books of the Bible).
  • We share Scripture with one another and spend time in prayer.
  • We celebrate God and His glorious Gospel through the Lord’s Supper.
  • We encourage our families to worship together so we have a multigenerational service with folks of all ages. 

What about children?

We love kids! This will be profoundly obvious when you enter one of our Sunday Gatherings. When you walk in you will see newborns and teenagers, and every size in between. You will also notice that we do not provide children’s church or age-graded programs during our services.

“But my kids make noise?!”  We completely understand…and we like it! We also have plenty of space for parents to take fussy babies and squirming toddlers.

“But my kids won’t understand the message?!” We think you will be surprised! Our pastors also work to make sure that the teaching is clear enough for the youngest believers and challenging enough for those who are mature in the faith.

“But this is much different than a normal church gathering?!” Actually, throughout biblical and church history (and even in most places across the globe today), multigenerational gatherings have been the norm.

“But…?!” Listen, we get it…but give us a shot! Come and experience this type of multigenerational service at least once or twice before you make your decision. And then give us a chance to articulate from the Word why we do what we do as it relates to family discipleship in general. 

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