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Sunday Gathering @ 2:00

We gather as a church community every Sunday afternoon. As we gather, we believe that this is more than just several Christians coming to have personal time with God in the same room. Rather, our Sunday gatherings are an opportunity for us to gather and respond to God corporately. We see this as a corporate time of worship where the family of God can dialogue with God and each other. Although this is a time for believers to come together to worship God, all people are welcome regardless of faith background.


Our meeting time consists of hearing from God and responding to him. We do this by…


  • PUBLIC READING OF SCRIPTURE: God’s Word is central to what we do. The Bible is not only the foundation for what we do, but the very content of our time together. In gathering with us, expect to read the Bible, pray in response to what we hear from the Bible, sing songs that are biblically grounded, hear the Bible preached, and respond to what we hear from the Bible with faithful obedience.
  • COMMUNITY PRAYER: We take time each week to devote ourselves to prayer (Acts 1:14). We focus in as a community on one issue, person, etc. to make the focus of our prayer as a community.
  • SINGING: We sing old songs and new songs, hymns and choruses. We sing songs that fit into each of these categories. Our aim is to ensure that they are theologically true to Scripture, raise our affections to God, and help our minds meditate on truth.
  • PREACHING: Taking time each week to focus in on a particular passage of Scripture is central to all we do. Our preaching is driven by the following convictions: 1) We believe the Bible is the holy, inspired, and inerrant Word of God. Therefore, we seek in our preaching simply to proclaim God’s Word after Him. Due to this, we preach expositionally, seeking to make the points, claims, or main statements of the sermon align themselves with those points, claims, and statements which the text itself communicates. 2) We believe the whole counsel of God should be preached. We preach through books of the Bible so that all of the Bible can be examined, not skipping portions that seem difficult. 3) We strive to proclaim the gospel in all that we do. Jesus says that all of Scripture points to Him (John 5:39). In Jesus we find eternal life, not simply in knowing our Bibles. Therefore, in all we do we connect how the Bible points us to Jesus and the life we have through Him and His gospel.
  • LORD’S SUPPER: Each week we take time to respond to what we have heard from God by taking communion together. By taking the bread and the cup together, we proclaim that our faith and hope is set alone on Jesus, the second person of the Trinity, for our salvation and security with God.
After our time of worship together, we have an open ended time of fellowship. We spend time talking, praying, eating, and enjoying each others company.

P.O. Box 95125, South Jordan, Utah 84095


Timothy O'Day

Elder/Pastor (801.831.4242)

Timothy is husband to Haley, father to Julia and Elias, and serves as a pastor of Christ Fellowship Church. He received a BA in Biblical Studies and Biblical Languages from Union University in 2010, an M.Div from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2016, and served as a pastoral apprentice at Cornerstone Community Church in Jackson, TN. He enjoys spending time with his family, running, biking, reading, and connecting truth to everyday life. You can follow him on twitter @Timothy_ODay.

Zach Thompson

Elder/Pastor (931.607.2178)

Zach is married to Courtney and has three daughters, Lana, Hope and Benaiah. After graduating from Union University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Biblical Languages, he participated in a pastoral training and education program in West Tennessee. He now owns and operates a remodeling company based in American Fork, Utah.